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Hi there, I'm Madi!

"I find the most joy in life by creating joy for others. My ultimate goal in the event industry is to connect with every client, reduce stress leading up to the big day and personalize their celebration to create endless memories."

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I am a West-Michigan raised woman enjoying the journey of life surrounded by constant love and laughter. Growing up working in the customer service industry for 8+ years, I quickly realized there was nothing more intriguing to me than social interaction and learning about other people. I pursued a degree in Psychology & Communication to further this interest and discovered how much I enjoy gift-giving, meeting new people, creating connections and making others feel important & valued. If you combine that gregarious personality with a love for all things planning and organization, you get a lifestyle destined to be in the world of Wedding Planning. I have found my passion through creating joy for others and I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

I often get asked, "What's your favorite part of wedding planning?". Without hesitation, my answer is always the same "the relationships I make and people I meet". This may seem odd because the expected response is typically "the creative design process", or "the space transformations", or "the travel perks", all of which also are very appealing, but the people I encounter along the way never fails to be the best part. There's nothing more enjoyable to me than learning about other traditions & beliefs, exploring family relationships, creating vendor friendships & working with clients that become dear friends. This discovered passion works to my advantage when planning weddings, because I work to understand YOUR story & make YOUR vision come to life.


Other simple pleasures in my life include spending time with family & friends, snuggling with my golden doodle, journaling, living room dancing, reading a good book, hanging out at coffee shops, music & exploring the small beach town I reside in.


My Love Language(s) are Quality Time & Acts of Service

My favorite wedding vibe(s) are all things modern, romantic & whimsical


I'd love to get to know you, let's set up a time to chat!

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